The Inexhaustible Cup in Perm

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The temple in honor of Mother of God «The Inexhaustible Cup» is located in the village Geleznodorognyi in Perm. This is a brand new building. It was built in spring in 2011. The temple is surrounded by a high fence from all the sides. A courtyard is extraordinary and beautiful. Many tracks depart from the temple. There are a lot of benches there. You can sit, relax or just think about your life. There is also a source of holy water.

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And now some words about the temple itself. It is very big, made of brick. There is a bell tower. The icon in honor of Mother of God hangs above the entrance of the temple. The temple is originally issued inside. The ceiling and walls are white. There are a lot of icons in the temple. One of them is an icon of Jesus Christ. It is in its full length. There are a lot of benches inside the temple. There is also a small balcony with different flowers. How to get there, priests only know, as there is no ladder there. The building has an arched door, which is painted in gold colour.
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When you are in, there is only your soul and heart in tranquility. If a person holds a grudge or anger against someone, everything goes away by itself. You should only confess. Every day enough amount of people visit the temple. Near the icons there are special stands where people can put a candle. You may buy candles as well as icons, crosses and other talismans.

Храм Неупиваемая чаша в городе Перми

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