Stadium Yunost, Perm

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Stadium "Yunost" was opened in 1890 in Perm, on the territory of yacht club, near Zagorodny Park (now - Gorky Park). Previously, club members were wealthy people involved in summer and winter sports. For the first time the official competitions in speed skating in Perm were passed Dec. 19, 1894, in which about 19 people took part.In 1915 Permian skaters first took part in long distance events - the championship of the Urals in Ekaterinburg. Later, the territory of the yacht club was transferred to the plant Sverdlov and transformed into the city stadium "Central" with wooden seats and the office building.

By this organization joins Specialized children-youthful school of Olympic reserve "Orlenok" Perm. In this school there are 3 branches: figure, skating and hockey on the grass. The branch of field hockey appeared about 10 years ago. Earlier figure Department existed as a separate structure. This school trains a group of experienced athletes, as well as the future of the world of sports.

Tatyana Totmianina graduated the Palace of Sports "Orlenok". Representatives of the Permian sport school "Orlenok" skaters Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov joined the top ten in the world.

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