Shopping Mall "Coliseum", Perm, Russia

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The Management Company «RIAL» breathed new life into the ruins of the twenty-eight long-term construction in the center of Perm – «Coliseum».

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The building of "Coliseum" in Perm

«Coliseum» is divided into two sets: «Coliseum Atrium» and «Coliseum Cinema». «Coliseum» is located in the Leninsky district in Kuibyshev Street. It is the most visited and popular place in Perm. It combines commercial and entertainment services and foodservice sector. Total area of «Coliseum Atrium» is 30000 square meter. There are 5 trade levels and 150 parking spaces. It is home to:

  • 37 boutiques;
  • 7 shoe boutiques;
  • 6 jewelry stores;
  • The food court «Alendvik» is on the 4th floor;
  • The fitness center «Coliseum» is on the 5th floor.

The total area of «Coliseum Cinema» is 30473 square meter. There are 4 trade levels and 100 parking spaces. It is home to:

  • 19 boutiques;
  • The appliance supermarket «M-Video»;
  • The cinema «Very Velly».

Торгово-развлекательный центр Колизей в Перми

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