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Ages 11, 12, 13
FieldActivity Innovative Designer
Purpose Язык общего назначения
Visual_Text_Blocks Текст
Dimension 2D
Openness Открытый
Address http://pythoncard.sourceforge.net/
Descendants wiki

Hypercard was the world wide web before the web even existed. Only it wasn’t available across a network, and instead of hypertext, it was merely hypermedia – in other words, different parts of the individual ‘cards’ one could create with it were linkable to other cards.

HyperCard is a programming environment based on the concept of virtual "cards". It is closely resembles a database application but unlike traditional database systems HyperCard is graphical. HyperCard was inspired by hypertext thinkers like Vannevar Bush (How we can think). HyperCard was created by Bill Atkinson and initially released in 1987. HyperCard includes HyperTalk, a powerful and easy to use programming language to manipulate data and the user interface. HyperCard is one of the first products that made use of and popularized hypertext and the plugin concepts. Many of the basic HyperCard concepts were reused in other systems. It had a significant impact on the Squeak, Visual Basic, World Wide Web, Wiki. There are many interesting HyperCard successors: RuntimeRevolution, PythonCard http://pythoncard.sourceforge.net/

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