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'Hallo! My name is Alexandra Lopatina. I am a second-year student of the Professional Lyceum 5 of the group 219.'


Everyone in our country has the right to education. It is said so in our Constitution. But it is not only a right; it is a duty, too. Every boy and every girl in Russia must go to school, that is they must get a full secondary education. So, when they are 6 or 7 years old they begin to go to school. There are thousands of schools in Russia. There are schools of general education, where the pupils study Russian (or a native language), Literature, Mathemat¬ics, History, Biology, Music, Arts, Foreign Languages. There is so a number of specialized schools, where the pupils get profound knowledge of foreign languages, or Mathematics, or Physics.

After finishing 9clsses, (secondary school) people can continue their education at different kinds of vocational or technical schools, colleges. They not only learn general subjects, but receive specialty there. Having finished a secondary school, or a vocational, or a technical school, the young people can start working, or they may enter an institute or a university.

I am going to tell you about my future profession. Choosing a career and getting a job are two things; any person passes through in his life.

When millions of young people leave school, they begin an independent life. Some of them start working, go into business; some of them keep upgrading their schooling to receive higher education. Young people can learn about professions in magazines and advertisements. Magazines for teenagers often offer questionnaires, quizzes to help young people to find out their interests and abilities more clearly and to make a decision concerning their future occupation.

While choosing a career one should take into consideration all main possibilities that his future profession might provide: the profession must be interesting, one have to be sure of his future (that means that one will be able to find a job), a profession must be well-paid, and otherwise you won't be able to support yourself and your future family. During our school life, we begin to think about our future life, our job. There are many professions in the world, so it is quite difficult to choose and make a decision. Some follow their own choice; some follow parents' advice, because they can help concerning future plans. I never had a question, what I was going to do, when I was finishing my school. I have known it since being a child that I want to be a computer-operator.

In our town there is a vocational school 5. There are a lot of possibilities to get desirable profession. You can become electrician, welder, locksmith, fitter, house-painter, auto mechanic and so on.

The modern world of high technology could not be without computers. Using of different databases and computer networks make available a great variety of information sources. The electronic machine can give any answer or combination of possible answers, from the information fed to it for storage. Machines work for us, but they do not think for us. And in our vocational school we learn to operate computers. In this affair our teachers help us very well.

'Hi! I am a first-year student. My name is Georg Gornov. (115 group)'


Before people leave school, they understand that the time to choose their future profession has already come. It's not an easy task to make a right choice.

Someone goes further in his education and enter an institute, university or college. Other can start a working career, go into business. There are many universities and institutes in every big city. Our town is not an exception.

If we want to get a professional training, we can enter a technical college. There are a huge number of professions to choose. But we should take our time while choosing our future profession. Some children choose profession their parents want, others do it in their own way while choosing their profession and there are some boys and girls, who want nothing. Anyway it is a dilemma for all the family. Fathers usually want their children to follow their footsteps; Mothers don't want their sons and daughters to leave the native town or city. So, they persuade kids to enter local colleges, vocational schools and universities or institutes. To find out the best from the best, we should work a lot.

Because of the wide difference in jobs, we should find out all available information about any possible job. We also need to think about how well we can do what we would like to do. We have got to know the demand for professions on the local employment market. To make the right choice, we should consider our possibilities, characters and abili¬ties.

Now, I have already decided what to do. I'd like to be an auto-mechanic. This job is taught in the professional lyceum 5 in Monchegorsk. There is a good base for getting of professional skills and driver’s licence. After my studies in lyceum I am going to get a higher education in institute by correspondence. I hope that my secondary education in lyceum let me to do it.

So, choosing a career and then getting a job are two things; any person does in his lifetime. If we don't think about the future, we won't have one.

'Hi! I am a first-year student. My name is Dima Lasarenko, group 13-L'

About My Vocational School (Professional Lyceum 5). I am a citizen of Russia, and have the right to education which is guaranteed by the Constitution and ensured by the broad development of compulsory secondary education, vocational specialized secondary and higher education. I started school at the age of seven. It was an ordinary secondary school. It was not a specialized school. Then I have come to the professional school 5 to become an electrician. So we have History and Computer Programming les¬sons from the first year in our school. English, Mathematics, Computer Pro¬gramming, PT (physical training), History and so on were taught by different teachers. There is no uniform now. Classes last in pairs 35 minutes instead of 40 min¬utes a lesson. As a rule pupils go to lyceum six days a week. After three years of vocational school classes you may go to become higher education. At lyceum we have classes in Russian, Literature, Mathematics, Bi¬ology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, English, History, and Computer Pro¬gramming. We also have special subjects, Physical Education, and a lot of additional Education. My favourite general subject is English. I like to learn new words, to dramatize texts and dialogues. I like it when we discussed something in¬teresting to us, when we were taught to debate, when we had small-group discussions or set up a role play. But I am very good at Physics. I always failed to learn formulas and terms properly. Maybe our Physic teacher is too serious, too aca¬demic. He is not imaginative enough and his lessons are a little bit dull, there was not enough excitement for us to get interested in the sub¬ject. Our school is a four-storied building. On the ground floor there are workshops, a canteen, a doctor’s room, library with a reading - room, and a cloak room. On the first floor there are administrative offices, a large assembly hall, a gym, rooms of computer classes and others. On the second and third floors there are physics, chemistry and biology labs, math and history classrooms, classrooms of languages. We usually have a lot of homework and it takes me several hours to do it. I sometimes have to sit up to write a composition, to prepare a report, to translate a newspaper article from English into Russian or to learn a poem by heart. After classes I usually don't go home right away. We had some out-of-class activities. Our social and cultural life is well organized. For example, we have a music club, a dancing club, a chess club. I took part in the creative studio. I like my group. I always feel at home here. Everybody is so friendly and easy to get along with. I am on good terms with my class masters and we often spend our free time together. I want to say that after the second year I must take examina¬tions: in Russian, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and History. After the third year I must take examina¬tions in special subjects. To my opinion the studies in professional lyceum 5 is a good school of life. Our teachers are our friends but sometimes we have some lack of understanding because we are ordinary young people with our inconsistent.

Профессиональный лицей №5 (Мончегорск, Мурманская обл.)

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