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Our questions to Mitchel Resnick



Seymour Papert named his foreword to your book Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams - Resnick as Object-to-Think-With. Who are your favorite persons-to-think-with?

Decentralization mindset



Computer Clubhouse

People are better able to do tasks when those tasks are connected with everyday reality. But everyday reality in the USA, Africa and in Russia are very different things. Do you see the difference between Scratch projects which were created in different contries?

WikiWiki as a decentralizing tool

In fact, most bird flocks don’t have leaders at all. Rather, each bird follows a set of simple rules, reacting to the movements of the birds nearby it. The processes of community building with social software elements are more like the process of flocking because they are bottom-up and self-organizing. Each user of social software like a bird follows a set of simple rules, reacting to the behavior of the other users in virtual community.

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