Yegorov, Grigoriy Vasilyevich

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Yegorov Grigoriy Vasilyevich in his youth
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WAR -- is one of the most terrifying words in the world... How many people died, were wounded, a geat number of people lost their relatives and dearest people... My further relative, Yegorov Grigoriy Vasilyevich, took part in that war and wrote his biography just before his death...

"I , Yegorov Grigoriy Vasilyevich, was born on August, 17, 1923,in the Ulyanovsk region, the merchant's family. His father, Yegorov Vasily Osipovich, was born at the same place. He worked at the iality of a commander of a mortary platoon. agricultural industry and in 1931 he started to work at the industrial factory. Vasily Osipovich died in 1957. Grigiriey’s mother was a house keeper and died in 1944.

I finished school in Dobryanka in 1941 with excellent marks. After that I wanted to continue my path-studying in military-railway academy but I was refused. And on October, 31, 1941 he was called up to the Soviet Army and sent to the second Leningrad military college. Having studied there for 4 months, got a lieutenancy and a specialty of a commander of a mortar platoon. I was a participant of the Second World War during 1942-1945, where got two wounds. I was wounded with 2 bullets. I was decorated with 2 orders and awarded with a medal "For Courage" for the operations. After the demobilization in 1947 entered the PSPU, and graduated only with excellent marks.

With his wife, Rose Andreanovna, in college №54, Perm
In 1951 was sent to the school in Grigorjevsk to work as a teacher of physics. Later I was promoted a head muster in Hytva. Than I was an administrator in RAJONO. But I wasn’t satisfied working there .In 1962 I was a senior lecture on duty in the commanding-engineering college in Perm. There I had a chance to start my researching work “Nickel-Phosphor Covering”.

During my working at school I strived to develop new methodical methods. Finally 12 works were published. In 1962 I was a member of KPSS as a communist. I participated in organization of 2 departments.

My wife,Rosa Yegorova , working as a teacher of Physics in Perm. The daughter graduated from the PSU and now is working in a bank. The son is a factory worker. Yegorov Grigoriy Vasilyevich was awarded with 11 medals.

Yegorov Grigoriy Vasilyevich 1998

Russian version: Егоров, Григорий Васильевич

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