Uzginskaya Village, (Tcherdinskii district, Perm krai)

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The village is situated in a beautiful location at the crossroads
The village is situated in a beautiful location at the crossroads. The village is simple, just one of thousands ones in Russia, and dozens of Perm krai.This village is separated from the total number of residents in relation to the number of houses. The village is abandoned.

It is hard to tell when a mass exodus of residents began. The location is excellent:a field,a forest,a Vilva river, a good road. The village consists of one domestic house, but his owner never came .. Judging by his dog’s voice in the yard it is a bit smaller than a bear. Thanks to this house the village is a residental one, even with the phone booth standing, though the cable is disconnected.

St.Nicolas Church
The decoration of the village is St. Nicholas Church, which is mentioned of in documents in 1586. It is unlikely exactly the same building, but the existence of the village is noticced since XVI century. There is nothing left inside but a single icon, that was attached to the wall.
The icon

Sad thoughts surround such places. People have lived here almost half a millennium, raising children, raising livestock, cultivated fields. It is unlikely that during the first settlers it was easier to live here and there were any conveniences. After few decades only a few hills and a big green field will be left here…

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