Unusual monuments of Kungur

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Several unusual monuments appeared in Kungur. The town is situated 88 kilometers from Perm.

“Hub of the universe“ is an extraordinary monument made of granite in the shape of a hemisphere. The wind rose is located around it according to the all rules of geography and it is accurately focused on the four part of the world. A.N.Mahmudov, the former Mayor, is the author of this idea. He brought it to life on the 27 of November in 2007. This exotic monument is situated in Karl Marx Street. The monument decorates the famous quay of the Sylva. Everyone can touch “Hub of the universe “and make a wish, which will surely come.



Beginning from 2001, the sky fair festival of hot-air balloons takes place every year in Kungur. In 2007 the organizers of the festival made up the decision to establish the monument to the pilot of the balloon. On the 4th of July in 2009 the monument was erected in the balloon architects park by Gennady Sorikin, and get funny name “Nikitka-letun”. The bronze statue was not named by accident. Nikita, the patron of the sky in Russia, had the idea of flying and dreamed to create something resembling wings. First, he flitted from tree to tree, and once he got to fly from the belfry. Nikita was executed by Ivan the Terrible, for the edification of all who dare to fly like a bird. They say, that the heel of “Nikitka-letun” has some magic and if you rub it all your dreams will come true.



“Samovar” which is situated at the intersection of Gogol and Soviet Streets near the school of art, was established in 2009 in Kungur. The leisure center “Teatralny” offered the idea to erect the samovar. Gennady Merkur'ev is the architect of the monument. Over the last year from the monument the mug disappears for the third time. But each time the mud appears in its rightful place. Maybe it brings good luck.


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