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In Perm there are a lot of malls, but one of the most popular is the mall "Family". "Family" is a modern, commercial and entertaining centre. It provides the high quality of service, which gives the opportunity to meet the requirements of people in different spheres: commerce, entertainment and catering. "Family" is not only a place where you may go shopping, it is one of the most favourite places for the citizens of Perm.

The main idea of the mall "Family" is providing a family rest facilities without any problems. This centre is very convenient for this. "Family" consists of food hypermarket "Big Family", hypermarket of electronics "M. Video", play zone "Play Day", eight-halls cinema "Cinema Park", hypermarket of children’s goods "Children’s World", food court and more than 100 boutiques of different brands.

The mall "Family" is the first project of the company. It is among the leading trade centres in Russia. It took the first prize in the competition "Brand of the year" among regional projects in 2006.

The main attraction of the mall "Family" is cinema "Cinema Park" where new technologies are used. In the biggest hall the numbers of seats is 269 and the other halls can contain from 149 to 173 viewers. A VIP hall is a special feature of the cinema, it is also called "Relax hall", it can contain 32 seats with comfortable armchairs. The viewers themselves can regulate the position of an armchair to make it comfortable. There are comfortable individual little tables neat the armchairs

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ТРК "Семья" Пермь

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