The Festival "White Nights " Perm 2011

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Spectators and participants of the festival
"White Nights" - one of the most remarkable events that took place in the summer of 2011 in Perm. “White Nights” is a festival, including different programs either social or educational. It consists of twenty six days of entertainments to any taste: exhibitions, plays, dance performances, master-classes, seminars for the citizens of Perm and the guests of the city. Artistes of our city and other Russian towns took part in “White Nights”, there were the guests from near- and far-abroad countries. Discussions, seminars, lectures of all kinds were organized, where such cases as “if there is a place for a papered book in our modern world or is an electronic version to substitute it etc.” were discussed.

Extreme-Park on the festival "White Nights" 2011
“White Nights” made this summer unforgettable, because there were concerts, entertaining programs, exhibitions every day, which left the best memories. All the citizens could get unforgettable impressions and emotions without leaving their houses, as every district had something special. For instance, in Krasnova Street there was and is up to today Arbat, where everybody could enjoy “alive” music, watch a smith`s work, who could hammer amazing things. Wonderful inventions were presented in the Arbat, where it was possible to buy various things, which you would never find in an ordinary shop. Braided hats to your taste could be made for you at that very moment. The festival suggested excursions along the main Perm streets: Lenina, Komsomolskiy Avenue, Belinskiy Boulevard, Sibirskaya, Lunacharskiy, Ostrovskiy Streets, Gagarin Boulevard, Ordgenikidze, Krisanov St. The tourists could see all the sights of the city through the windows of a comfortable bus. Besides, those who wanted to see them closer, could get off the bus and take photos of “Salty Ears” and the Art Gallery.

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