Polazna, Perm krai

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Polazna is an urban settlement in Dobryansky district of Perm krai. The settlement has its own coat of arms on which a golden lion and a cross above it are depicted. The settlement is located on the left shore of the Kama storage reservoir 45 kilometres north of Perm.

In 2010 13261 residents were officially recorded. The first record of the settlement can be found in «Census of the population of the Great Perm Land» in 1623. In this book Polazna is represented as a settlement consists of four homesteads near the mouth of Polaznaya river. Originally all the lands nearby belonged to the Stroganovs, but later on they were bought out by Ivan Lazarev, who started building an ironworks in 1797. Later on building of a hydroelectric power plant of the Kama was started, the Kama storage reservoir was created, and therefore the ironworks was dismantled as it belonged to the flood area. The first oil was hit on August 25, 1939 there. The local oil-wells became the trademark.

They call Polazna «oilmen settlement». The economic base is oil and gas industry. Polazna is considered to be one of the largest and most developed settlement of Perm krai.

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The sights are: the Blessed Trinity church (19th cent.) and protected nature territories such as the pine forest and the Lunezhsky mountains. Moreover, there is Demidkovo sanatorium that is very popular.

Полазна, посёлок (Пермский край)

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