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Perm republican hippodrome - one of the oldest enterprises of Perm. It has existed since 1897. Its place was in the current tram depot "Balatovo" and the cinema "World"

Perm was getting bigger and new districts were built . Therefore, another place for the hippodrome was being searching. In 1958, it was found in the Kazan tract (nowadays address: highway Kosmonavtov, 162). Since this year the Perm regional hippodrome (as it was called at that time) began to work all year round. In 1967, it was assigned the status of a republican. It was the third republican hippodrome and it entered into the five of leading hippodromes of the USSR. At the Perm hippodrome 47 horses breeders were shown and 26 breeding farms of the Soviet Union.

The year 1990- the best period in the activity of the Perm republican hippodrome, which became a source of manpower of the Russian equestrian sport. It is enough to name these people. This is V.V. Baydin, L.K. Barkanova, M.V. Vakin, V. Gerashchenko, A. Nogovitsyn, V.A. Pirozhnikov, N. Popov, A. Reutov, V.F. Rossypko, S. Savin, L. Trankov, S.P. Shatalov and others. We should specially mention masters of the trotter training, masters-riders, such as Baydin N.V., P.A. Burylov, S.G. Votinov, I.A. Dranitsyn, M. Eremin, A. Iles, V.A. Moshkin, V. Mumm, W. I. Nogovitsyn, SA Okulov, AA Fedotov, V. Frolov, VA Tsutskov, ND Shasherin, A. Shubin.

Now on the hippodrome conduct their activity 6 children-youthful sports schools. On the hippodrome 16 of the stables exist, where there are over 300 horses. Almost every weekend competitions of different levels pass: from the city championship to the championship of the Volga Federal district. Perm sportsmen adequately show themselves in competitions at national and international levels.

The Staff of the Perm republican race track remains true to his high professional and collegiate level, which is proud of. And we, Perm citizens, are proud that we have such a hippodrome in the city.

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