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There’s no, such a holiday in Russia, which would pass so loudly and lively as Maslenitsa!

Maslenitsa is a holiday, which was preserved since the pagan’s times. It’s celebrated during the week before the Lent. The custom of celebrating the carnival dates back to ancient times - from the Greek and Roman Bacchanalia and Saturnalia. Slavic and pagans also celebrated a holiday - the spring meeting and departure of winter during this period spring . People are always observed carnival fun. Well-dressed people - girls, guys, couples, children, old men and women - all poured into the streets, participated in the holiday festivities, congratulating each other, went to the fair, and bought the necessary and unnecessary things. Children with parents sledge, make a fire. And of course, during Maslenitsa people make pancakes, as a pancake - a symbol of the sun, which all people were waiting for the winter.

Maslenitsa is celebrated seven weeks before The East. It's interesting to notice that during this holiday people don't eat meat. The main treat is pancakes.

Maslenitsa begins on Monday, called "meeting". On this day, people meet Maslenitsa, dress a doll, build snowy mountains.

Tuesday - "zaigryshi. Adults build a snow and ice castle, clowns sing their ditties. They organize contest of skill, strength and quickness.

Wednesday - "greedy". In this day mother-in-law comes to tescham for pancakes.

Thursday - "revelry", the most funny day. People carry a dummy at the wheel, skate, sing songs.

Friday - " Mother-in-low’s Holiday”. Now brother-in-law invites the mother-in low and treats pancakes.

Saturday - "sister-in-law's gatherings". Daughter-in-law gives gifts. On this day, people burn scarecrow of Maslenitsa and finally say goodbye to winter. Ash is dispersed on the field in order there will be a good harvest in the summer.

The last day of Maslenitsa is "Forgiveness Sunday", "Forgiveness Day" or "farewell ceremony". Festivities finish and people build fires to melt the ice.


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