Koshkin, Vladimir Mikhajlovich

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Within the limits of the project " We Remember ", we: Yana Karnaykhova , Ann Beloborodova and Irina Konstantinova, met with the veteran of the Second World War and set to him some questions, interesting for us as for the generation which doesn't know war. Vladimir Mikhajlovich Koshkin has told us about his way on the war and below you can familiarize with it. Vladimir Mikhajlovich had left on war by the end of 1943. He describes that period of time in the following words:" From that very time we made whatever we wanted. If we should bomb we bombed, all carried. If it was necessary to close area from German shock machines we closed in such a mastery way, that it was impossible for them to appear at our territory. In reality they were not able to do anything, because they were exhausted, but heavy fights still proceeded... " Pilots became experienced and skillful. We Knew nazi weak points and could manipulate them. We surpassed in number. There was blood. We have not any way out. War can not be without blood . In fight were afraid to see the opponent later, than he could us.

Quantity of the brought down planes - the important parameter and a subject of quite pride, both command and ordinary pilots on which accounts were those brought down. The another matter, that it is not the only parameter of work a shelf. For example, in Кoshkin's shelf in the beginning of fighting official reports they used to declare, how many time the pilots flied on covering low-flying attack aircraft , necessarily specified, that losses at covered by us low-flying attack aircraft were not. Reported, how many time was covered with armies, and about that during our covering bombardments of armies did not suppose. Specified, how many time flied on low-flying attack aircraft, how many bombs have dumped during low-flying attack aircraft, how many bridges were bombed, how many units of technics and alive force have destroyed, how many have lead investigations, etc. Plus to all the afforementioned, specified quantity of the brought down planes of the opponent which, naturally, was better to have as much as possible. Abstract quantity of brought down planes means nothing. Vladimir Mikhajlovich almost had fought through war by the commander of a part. He is proud of the fact that during wartime his part did not lost any pilot! In his part pilots didn't die, they just came, got fighting experience and left to other parts and squadrons. No victims!

Vladimir Mikhajlovich never doubted, that the Soviet Union should win. And has finally understood it when our army entered [Germany]. He announces that we gave everething that victory demanded fnd did it without regrets. War for the fighter pilot, in Vladimir Mikhajlovich's opinion is hard work till loss of consciousness and life...

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