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Project initiators

Project annotation

This is a pilot project, in which were invited to participate those educators (with their schoolchildren teams), who are Master teachers or alumni of the Intel "Teach to the Future" program.

We anticipate 4 teams to start collaborate here: 2 teams from Russia (students already study English for few years) and 2 teams from English-speaking countries.

Project description

Due to the proposed activities students’ from different countries will get to know more about the importance of IT-specialities and will be trained in collaboration work on Web 2.0 services.

Project dates

Approximate Time Needed: 5 weeks

Project phases

Unfortunately, due to several reasons - cancellation of school days in Samara (Russia) for 3 weeks, some difficulties with team work in Scarsdale school (Pakistan), etc. our project in January was closed. --coordinator Lyudmila 07:39, 18 февраля 2010 (UTC)

1 phase. Acquaintance.

All 4 teams have written about themselves on their pages.

Now we can see faces of Samara school 133 team and Andover team, great!

2 phase. Important IT-specialities.

Every team wrote their story, some answered on other teams questions.

Interesting essays, questions and answers from every team were published on this page: Professions of the Future/IT-specialities

3 phase. Video interviewing an IT-specialist (of the chosen above speciality).

Getting permission from the interviews specialist to upload video to YouTube. Uploading video to YouTube.

4 phase. Special features of one IT-speciality.

5 phase.


Participating teams

Team Name (hyperlink to the wiki page here) City, Country School name, web site
School133 Samara, Russia School №133
MTL Samara Samara, Russia Medical-Technical Lyceum
Andover Team Andover, Kansas USA Andover Middle School
Scarsdale team Lahore,Pakistan Scarsdale International School
Team 5 Country School

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