Hohlovka, architecture and ethnographic museum in Perm

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One of the most beautiful places in the Perm region is Khokhlovka. Khokhlovka is Perm architectural-Ethnographic Museum, located in the open air, in an area of ​​42 hectares. Located 45 km from the city of Perm, near the village of Khokhlovka on the picturesque high cape, which is on three sides by the waters of the Kama Reservoir. Visitors can see 19 monuments of wooden architecture of the Perm region the end of XVII - beginning of XX centuries. Many of them are located, and the interiors of the exhibition, created by the scientific staff of the museum.

As for the history of the "Khokhlovka", the idea of ​​creating an architectural open-air museum was proposed back in 1966 known Perm architect AS Terehin. In 1968, the chief architect of the field NN Kukin offered to host a museum of wooden architecture around with. Khokhlovka. In March 1971, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation approved the preliminary design of the museum, designed by architects such as GL Katsko, GD Kantorovich and AS Terehin. Under this project, the Perm restorers transported and rebuilt at the museum 12 monuments. Official opening of "Khokhlovka" was held September 17, 1980.

As part of the museum identified three geographically-ethnographic areas - Komi-Perm sector, North and South Kama, and two sets: solepromyshlenny - construction of Ust-Borovsk plant from Solikamsk and agricultural complex with barns, barn, Barn, windmills, fields.

At the heart of the exhibition of each sector are characteristic of a people, typological edge of the settlement, as well as objects related to the traditional occupations of the peoples of: agriculture, hunting, fishing, various crafts processing wood, stone, metal, clay, leather and others.

Komi-Perm sector is located on the site of the village of Gora. It includes several of the peasant farmsteads, including the estate of a wealthy farmer and a poor man's hut, cabin hunter and other objects.

Above sector posted "Northern Kama" unique wooden buildings, remarkable examples of residential architecture. The basis of the planning structure of the Russian settlement approved construction of the village Yanidor Cherdynskii area. It provided screening of vehicles - boats, barges, carts, sledges, is widely used in the economy of the northern peoples.

Almost at the Kama River, in the most beautiful natural surroundings of the museum, situated a unique architectural ensemble of industrial facilities associated with the ancient craft of our Perm Krai - Salt. In the sector of "Southern Kama", its core is the bell tower, brought from the village of Cheese, a tent which is visible from afar, and from the village church Bogoroditskaya Tohtarevo conquer their beauty and grace. Both monuments were removed from the area and Suksun installed at the highest point of the peninsula. Around them are the manor, farm buildings. In this part of the museum's peasant crafts and trades, will reflect the culture and way of life, not only Russian but also Tatar and other peoples.

In "Khokhlovka" are regularly held festivals, folklore festivals are held, the first of which took place in June 1981. "Khokhlovka" is one of the most famous and beautiful places in our region .The museum is worth a visit for everyone.

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