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The ggplot2 package is hugely popular, and many other packages and tools interface with it in order to better visualize a wide variety of data types. By creating a ggplot2 implementation, we hope to place network visualization within a large, active community of data visualization enthusiasts, bringing new eyes and potentially new innovations to the field of network visualization

  • Network Visualization with ggplot2
    • by Sam Tyner, François Briatte and Heike Hofmann
    • The R Journal Vol. 9/1, June 2017

In the remainder of this paper, we present three different approaches to network visualization through ggplot2 wrappers.

  1. The first is a function, ggnet2 from the GGally package, that acts as a wrapper around a network object to create a ggplot2 graph.
  2. The second is a package, geomnet, that combines all network pieces (nodes, edges, and labels) into a single geom and is intended to look the most like other ggplot2 geoms in use.
  3. The final is another package, ggnetwork, that performs some data manipulation and aliases other geoms in order to layer the different network aspects one on top of the other.

Bipartite graph

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