Bezhanitsy, homesteads (Pskov region)

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'Manor Filosofova in Usadische' Pskov region
'Bezhanitsy' regional center Bezhanitsy district Pskov region train station Sushchevo 4km

Bezhanitsky edge - the edge of amazing nature and unique landscapes, historical and cultural monuments, the birthplace of famous historical figures. Bezhanitsky area today is the Russian heartland with all the complexity and diversity of life. The amazing natural beauty of these places, and colorful touches intertwined with the history.

History of the region

The village was founded by fugitive Bezhanitsy people of Pskov, Novgorod, Lithuanians in 16-17vv. Through Bezhanitsy ran trade route, but then you've been here himself Peter I, who follow the troops in the Battle of Poltava. Many glorious pages in the history of the region entered the estate owners Bogdanovskoye - Filosofova. These places often visited by Pushkin, Russian artist A. Venetsianov, Diaghilev (AP Filosofova nephew) and other prominent personalities.     

On the hill, almost on a precipice, as an example of art, a monument architecture. Alive, I want to run up to him, and the feeling of space flight ..

My dear, dear side ..
How can you not admire me,
If the gentle, magical hug,
Every day for me.

Park d. Bogdanovsk. The estate belonged to a rich old Filosovov. Contemporaries marveled at the splendor of the park of Versailles-style decoration of which were copies of ancient marble statues. Here there Diaghilev, A.Venetsianov. Save group of old trees


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